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myp - a tiny MySQL proxy

myp is a lightweight TCP proxy for MySQL. Its intended use is to aid managing dialup connections to a MySQL server via compressed SSH tunnels, or to build a simple failover solution for database driven websites. The server currently consists only of a few lines of Tcl code and has a memory consumption of about 26 KB per connection (plus once a base consumption of 3,5 MB for the tclsh interpreter).
Currently, a bare bones Tcl port forwarder and example scripts for Linux and Windows, showing how to connect through SSH, are available.

Example configuration:

[users machine]------Internet ----[login-server]--------LAN-----[db server]       SSH                192.168.x.x:3306 

mysql service      compressed     myp socket                    physical mysql service                        

                                  (user auth. by SSH)     


The project has just been started and has not yet released files, for further info please contact
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