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Recent Professional Activities:

Former Research & Development Projects:

  • ECOBAS ,
  • Register of Ecological Models [ current list of models ],
  • and "Network Computing Cluster" were R & D projects with Dr. Joachim Benz, Uni Kassel

  • Development of a laboratory evaporation method with gradient-controlled boundary conditions for the determination of unsaturated soil hydraulic properties
  • Development of a sensor for measurement of the instantanous potential evaporation rate

Old Software Projects:

  • uni-cms, a web content management system, with support for WYSIWYG-editors Dreamweaver, Frontpage, OpenOffice and others
  • uni-sql, a web-interface-generator for MySQL databases
  • xml-editor, a DTD-sensitive, graphical XML-Editor for Windows and UNIX
  • model-editor, a graphical block diagram editor for Windows, UNIX and Macintosh


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